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Quartz Processing Line In India

Psted On 2018-10-17 14:59:33
Quartz Processing Line In India

production capacity of Quartz Processing Machines

The Quartz Processing Machine is referred to as the sand making machine. It is a new type of sandstone production equipment that is integrated by the A&C Group. There are several models of this

Quartz Processing Machine crushing method

In order to meet the crushing needs of different users, the Quartz Processing Machine optimizes the structure of the crushing cavity type, and configures “stone stone” and “rock stone” and “broken form” and “stone stone” and lining; Strike iron & rdquo; counter-block structure is specially designed according to the working state of the equipment, so that the crushing efficiency of the equipment is obviously improved.

New structural design of key components

In order to ensure the overall performance of the equipment, the Quartz Processing Machine performs structural optimization design on key components such as impeller, bearing cylinder and main body. Many national patent technologies ensure that the crushing equipment is high-yield, high-efficiency and low-cost in the crushing operation.

Lower use and maintenance costs

The Quartz Processing Machine optimizes part of the structure and process of the impeller, and the service life of the wearing parts is greatly improved. Compared with the previous equipment, the life of the key wearing parts is increased by 30% to 200%.

The Quartz Processing Machine is equipped with a simple lifting device. When the equipment is maintained, the impeller and the bearing cylinder are hoisted without additional large lifting equipment, which greatly reduces the maintenance difficulty of the equipment.

More reliable way to operate the device

The Quartz Processing Machine is designed with full consideration of the reliability of the equipment. It adopts a more stable and reliable dual motor drive and automatic thin oil lubrication. At the same time, it optimizes the design of the hopper and maintenance platform of the equipment to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.

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