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Quartz Sand Making Machine Manufacturers

Psted On 2018-10-17 16:21:42
Quartz Sand Making Machine Manufacturers

Discussion on Optimization Plan of Grinding Roller of Quartz Sand Making Machine

For the production process of Quartz Sand Making Machine, the grinding roller plays an extremely important role. For the production process of the material, it determines the efficiency of the equipment and the quality of the finished product. Therefore, in the process of continuous development, The optimization of this component needs to be carried out continuously. Here is a discussion of its optimization scheme.

After analyzing the working process of the Quartz Sand Making Machine, it can be found that the grinding roller is not only affected by the feeding system but also affected by the transmission structure and the driving structure during the production, so the part is In terms of optimization, it is mainly carried out from the aspects of feed control, automatic adjustment, roll driving, and fixing method, as follows:

First, optimization of feed control structure

For the Quartz Sand Making Machine, the traditional feeding method is mainly manual. The feeding method and the speed control cannot be strictly carried out. Even the experienced staff is difficult to do. In the process of feeding at a constant speed, this situation will lead to the feeding condition of the machine, which is often for a long time, so that the unevenness of the finished particles and the decrease of the efficiency are easy to occur, and in the severe case, the grinding roller is damaged.

In view of this phenomenon, the feeding method used by the Quartz Sand Making Machine is now an automated method, and the feeding speed of the grinding roller is controlled by the feeding roller or the feeding control gate, and the feeding roller is the counter grinding. The main structure of the feeding of the roller, in the working process of the equipment, if the feeding amount is too large, the speed of the feeding roller will increase accordingly. If the feeding amount is reduced, the feeding roller will decrease the speed until the speed is reduced. When it is extremely small, the feed roller stops and the two grinding rollers are detached, which can effectively prevent the damage of the grinding roller. In addition, an electronic sensor is placed above the feeding place of the Quartz Sand Making Machine and controlled by an input signal. The speed of the feed roller and the opening and closing of the feed door, the speed of the feed roller is stepless speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted according to the size of the material flow, and each material channel has an electronic sensing system, and the product flow rate and speed are both Automatic control is possible.

In addition, the feed structure of the Quartz Sand Making Machine can also be changed according to different feed changes. When the material with less hardness is replaced by the material with higher hardness, the feed structure will adjust the feed roller. Speed, thus ensuring the quality of the product, while also avoiding excessive feeding of the device, resulting in damage to the device.

In this description, the design and setting of the control system can effectively adjust the speed of the feed roller, which is the key to the optimized design of the Quartz Sand Making Machine. The optimized design of the feed structure of the machine can effectively improve its Efficiency and improve the effectiveness of its operation.

Second, optimization of automatic adjustment system

For the Quartz Sand Making Machine of the transmission, before the grinding process, it is necessary to adjust the grinding roller gap of the equipment according to the processed materials, but the quality of the finished product is not due to the inconsistent size of the feeding and the fullness of the feeding. In the same way, the current mill has improved the way of this adjustment. The adjustment system can automatically adjust the gap of the grinding roller, which can realize the processing of different materials, when processing the mixture. It can greatly improve the efficiency of the Quartz Sand Making Machine and also ensure the quality of the product.

The automatic adjustment of the grinding roller mainly relies on the sensor to monitor the size and quality of the material during feeding. The pre-programmed program of the grinding machine automatically adjusts the grinding roller and feeds the test result back to the visual monitor. In order to realize the automatic production of the Quartz Sand Making Machine, if it is found that the product contains large particles, it can be manually adjusted. For the machine, the adjustment of the automatic grinding roller gap is mainly adjusted by the servo motor to drive the drive system, and can also be adjusted by the hand wheel in an emergency state.

The article mainly introduces the optimization scheme of the Quartz Sand Making Machine grinding roller (1), because the grinding roller is an important part inside the machine, which has a great impact on production, and its production situation will be controlled by the feed. The influence of automation adjustment, etc., in order to make the part better meet the processing of the equipment, here is to introduce the optimization of these aspects.